The UEERE0060 unit is expected to be available for enrolment early 2024.

The UEERE0063 unit is expected to be available for enrolment mid 2024.

Training is undertaken online, and in your workplace/simulated work environment.

All theory learning and assessment is completed online via our Moodle learning platform.

Practical assessments are undertaken either via your workplace, or a simulated workplace (such as your own home/office) where possible. Practical assessments are submitted via completed reports and/or video evidence.

Our Trainers can be contacted via email to trainer@newenergytraining.com.au, and students can also send direct messages to their trainer via our Moodle learning platform.

Further to this multiple Zoom tutorial sessions are scheduled weekly, and students are encouraged to login to as many of these as they like.

Our Trainers and Content Writers are currently engaged in industry, with ongoing involvement in actual (not simulated) solar and battery installations and designs.

Much of the theory learning is tested via quiz assessments made up of both multiple choice and short answer questions.

Workplace related forms (e.g. safety forms/site survey forms) need to be completed.

In some cases promotional materials such as a solar/battery sales proposal, and a video of the student presenting this to a prospective client (simulated) are to be submitted for assessment. 

Examples (of what is required in assessment submissions) are always provided in the learning content.

Assessment submissions must be completed satisfactorily and they are reviewed by our Assessors. Feedback is given to students and, if necessary, assessment may be required to be reattempted in order to receive a passing grade.

From as little as 20 hours for a professional short course, (complete in 2-3 days) up to 230 hours for our Certified Designer course, completed over a period of either 6 weeks (full-time) or up to 46 weeks (part time). 

Our Certified Designer course is specifically intended to equip students with the necessary training to be able to apply to become a SAA (Solar Accreditation Australia) Accredited solar and battery designer.

The smallest individual ‘piece’ of complete training is referred to as a ‘unit’. If this unit is nationally recognised training then it will be referred to as a unit of competency, and can be found on www.training.gov.au. A ‘Course’ is a bundled package of training units. This could include both nationally recognised training units of competency and other units.

Certified Advocate

  • For those new to solar/battery industry or staff members such as admin/logistics wanting formal training.
  • Completed online/self paced, video tutorials 2 x weekly/Trainer help desk support.
  • 60 nominal hours of study means approx. 1.5 weeks full time or up to 6 weeks part time
  • This course package includes the below units of study:

Certified Consultant PLUS (On-grid)

Certified Consultant PLUS (Off-grid)

Certified Consultant (On-grid)

Certified Consultant (Off-grid)

Certified Consultant UPGRADE (On-grid)

Certified Consultant UPGRADE (Off-grid)

Certified Designer (On-grid)

Certified Designer (Off-grid)

Certified Designer UPGRADE (On-grid)

Certified Designer UPGRADE (Off-grid)

    • NETSBE – Solar and battery essentials
      • This is a professional short course unit
      • 20 nominal hours
      • Approximately 2 days full time or up to 2 weeks part time
    • NETCSC – Solar and battery sales professional
      • This is a professional short course unit
      • 20 nominal hours
      • Approximately 2 days full time or up to 2 weeks part time
    • NETDMC – Designer Masterclass
      • This is a professional short course unit
      • 15 nominal hours
      • Approximately 2 days full time or up to 1.5 weeks part time

Certified Consultant Classroom Sessions

open for enrolment

Join our classroom sessions led by seasoned trainers deeply immersed in selling and installing solar systems. Over two days, you’ll gain practical insights that bridge traditional learning with modern convenience, giving you a competitive edge in the field.