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Elevate Your Expertise with Certified Consultant Classroom Sessions

In response to the overwhelming demand for in-person learning experiences, we are thrilled to introduce our Streamlined In-Person Classroom Sessions for Certified Consultants – our program is designed to help you stand out as a sales professional.

Join our exclusive 2-day classroom sessions where you’ll receive first-hand insights from a seasoned trainer actively engaged in selling and installing systems. Bridging the gap between traditional learning and modern convenience, our program ensures participants gain a competitive edge and enhance their sales skills.

Benefits for your BUSINESS

Ease Demand on Electricians

Optimise your electricians' time for installation tasks by positioning them further back in the sales process.

Standardising Onboarding

Ensure a consistent onboarding process with standardised training, creating a proficient and skilled workforce.

Skilled Workforce

Equip your team with the latest industry knowledge through standardised training.

Employee Satisfaction

Demonstrate commitment to staff development, enhancing satisfaction, loyalty, and motivation.

Efficient Onboarding

Save time and resources with streamlined onboarding through NETSBE - Solar & Battery Essentials.

Point of Difference

Qualify your sales team as Certified Consultants, giving your business a unique selling proposition.

Benefits for your team

Skill Enhancement

Gain crucial skills from site surveys for grid connected systems resulting in a comprehensive grasp of the renewable energy sector.

Career Progression

Foster career growth within the organization by creating new roles, especially for employees without an electrical background.

Uniform Communication

Create a positive learning environment with a uniform language across the office for seamless collaboration.

Accreditation Opportunities

Access SAA Design Accreditation and other recognitions, paving the way for professional qualifications.

Boost Team Morale

Investing in team members' growth boosts morale and creates a sense of self-accomplishment.

Working Group

Collaboration with industry professionals

As part of our commitment to excellence, we collaborated with a dedicated industry working group. Comprising seasoned professionals, this group provided valuable input to refine and enhance the program, ensuring its usability and relevance in the ever-evolving industry landscape.

As pictured above: Israel Vogel,  Robert Nichols, Kon Flaherty, Mark Cavanagh, Sophie Wright, Bobbi McKibbin, Luke Beattie, Sam Gardel.


Hear from our students

Watch as our students share their experiences after completing the Certified Consultant Classroom Sessions for New Energy Training in Brisbane and Sydney. Hear how they gained the knowledge and confidence to excel in the sustainable energy industry.

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What's in it for YOU?

Walk away with a Nationally Recognised accreditation, a framed certificate, and a complimentary Certified Consultant shirt.

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Featured Recognition:

Attendees will be prominently featured on our website and across our social media accounts, opening doors for powerful remarketing opportunities that amplify your professional presence.

Dates and Locations


This 2-day class will take place from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Your attendance is required on both days.

Onsite parking is available at all locations, and the dress code is casual. However, we encourage participants to wear their branded shirts on day 2 for a complimentary professional photo that will be taken after completing the course. Remember to bring your laptop, a high visibility vest, and closed-in shoes. Lunch is included.

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What will be covered?

Day One:

  • Practical preparation for site surveys
  • on-site work health and safety documentation for practical assessments
  • Foundational energy assessment principles
  • On-site practical assessment 1
  • Site survey data gathering and recording
  • Systems and components

Day Two:

  • Review of systems and components
  • Equipment selection
  • Overview from system design to operation
  • Diagrams
  • On-site practical assessment 2
  • Remaining assessments

Classroom Session Certified Consultant


inc GST (valued at over $1700)

Learn how to be a modern sales professional. The first step on the pathway to design accreditation. How to gather design information for effective solar and hybrid battery systems.

Units included:

Conduct site survey for grid-connected photovoltaic and battery storage systems

Solar and Battery Essentials

Solar and Battery Sales Professional

Certification Badge:

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Certified Consultant Classroom Sessions

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Join our classroom sessions led by seasoned trainers deeply immersed in selling and installing solar systems. Over two days, you’ll gain practical insights that bridge traditional learning with modern convenience, giving you a competitive edge in the field.