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Learn the essentials of solar and energy storage, and how to promote renewable energy solutions safely and efficiently.

This is the perfect solution to take some pressure off your training and onboarding process for new team members. There will be a large volume of new industry entrants who will need to understand the essentials.

Units included:

Solar and Battery Essentials

Promote Sustainable Energy Practices

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Units included in this package

The Certified Advocate Package is made of a single Professional Short Course Unit and a Nationally Recognised Training Course Unit 

Promote Sustainable Energy Practices


What will I learn?

How to safely and effectively promote renewable energy systems.

How do I complete the unit?

Self paced online with helpdesk support available. Multiple choice/short answer quizzes and 2 x promotional assessments.

What resources do I need?

A computer, internet connection, Microsoft Office (or similar basic processing software).


Solar and Battery Essentials


What will I learn?

The solar PV and energy storage essentials for anyone wanting to be a renewable energy expert.

How do I complete the unit?

Self-directed online learning, helpdesk support available. Multiple choice/short answer quiz assessment.

What resources do I need?

A computer and internet  connection.




Yes! As of December 2022, new Nationally Recognised Renewable Training Units were released. This release contains a complete rewrite of all the existing accredited solar/battery installer/designer training units, but that’s not all. More roles such as Sales and Support team members employed in the solar industry now have access to formal training. Plus, there is a new pathway for those team members to become accredited solar and battery designers, with no prior knowledge or qualifications.
This creates an exciting opening for administration, support and sales team members across the Australian renewable energy sector, to upskill with nationally recognised training.

Yes, our Certified Designer course is specifically intended to equip students with the necessary training to be able to apply to become a SAA (Solar Accreditation Australia) Accredited Solar and Battery Designer. Our Consultant Course package is the first step on the Certified Designer pathway. 

Yes, all of our training is designed for Australian standards and based on our collective experience in this industry. Additionally, we have designed our courses to be interactive online training with practical, real world assessments.  


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Certified Consultant Classroom Sessions

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Join our classroom sessions led by seasoned trainers deeply immersed in selling and installing solar systems. Over two days, you’ll gain practical insights that bridge traditional learning with modern convenience, giving you a competitive edge in the field.